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Thomas Mawson [copyright Chris Mawson]

Garden History | Lindeth Fell Country House Hotel


We have a very special garden at Lindeth Fell and people who are very proud to look after it. That's not to say we don't occassionally curse it for growing to quickly or not drying out as quick as we'd like [just like every other gardener], but all is all, its partly what makes the Lindeth Fell experience so unique.


The garden was designed by Thomas Mawson, born on the 5th May 1861 in Scorton, Lancashire. Due to poverty, he was forced to leave school at 12, and he worked alongside his uncle in the building trade [but who also sparked his enthusiasm for gardens].


After a spell in London after the death of his father, he moved to Windermere, where he set up 'Lakeland Nurseries' with his two brothers. This was successful and allowed Thomas to concentrate on his growing passion: garden design. Noteable gardens locally are: Langdale Chase, Holehird, Brockhole and Holker Hall, all done around the turn of the Century. Lindeth Fell was designed in 1907 demonstrating that Thomas was still keen to take on local projects, even though his talent had taken him throughout Britain, Europe and even Canada.


He died on November 14th 1933 and is buried only a mile away from Lindeth Fell at Bowness Cemetery, close to many of his very best garden designs. His legacy is very special to us and if you are interested in learning more then author Elizabeth Kissack published a biography of Thomas Mawson in 2006; 'The Life of Thomas Hayton Mawson, Landscape Architect 1861-1933', search for " ISBN 0955365300" in Google, usually priced at £11.99. This is an attractive 100-page paperback book, profusely illustrated, and largely written from a Lake District perspective from someone with more of a passion for gardens than proofreading!