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The Tarn | Lindeth Fell Country House Hotel



Our tarn is essentially a small lake in a quiet corner of the garden and is very much a peaceful retreat. It's also a haunt for all sorts of wildlife. Deer, woodpeckers, owls, squirrels have all been spotted enjoying the tranquillity. It is really beautiful when covered withpink and white water lilies in Summer.

We used to keep it stocked with rainbow trout which quickly made friends when fed slices of toast.

It also harboured a colony of carp. We suspect the local herons were a contributing factor to their steady decline. But the last remaining carp met his end at the hands of an otter, which had been dining at a neighbour's tarn for some time. We found a a tell tale set of footprints around the gleaming skeleton of our last carp!!

Guests are often seen on one of the benches around the tarn, reading or simply watching nature at it's very best.


                                       Peggy and friends rowing 1930