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Wine List | Lindeth Fell Country House Hotel



We think our extensive wine list covers the spectrum of styles and rich diversity that the world of wine has to offer. Click the link below to see our complete wine list in pdf form.


We have 25 bottles of fine wines and champagne in a price range between £30.00 and £69.00

We have more than 60 wines ranging in price from £16.95 to £29.95 per 70cl bottle.


Please click here to view our extensive wine list.



Here are our house wines, or our Lindeth Fell Choices:

Fruity, medium white from the Traminer Riesling, a fragrant blend of two wine varieties, a rounded dry and supple Chardonnay and a crisp and zesty Sauvignon Blanc. Rose is well represented by the ripe and fleshy Anjou and there are two reds, a warm and fruity Syrah (Shiraz) and the luscious, open Merlot.



WHITE WINES                                                                            175ml          450ml         Bottle


Traminer Riesling, Sacred Hill, Australia                                  £4.95          £13.50         £18.50
Fragrant medium white [12% abv]

Chardonnay, Coussergues, France                                            £4.95         £13.50           £18.50
Full and fruity dry white [13% abv]

Sauvignon Blanc, Miguel Torres, Chile                                      £4.95         £13.50          £18.50
Refreshingly dry, crisp, herbaceous white [13.5% abv]




Rose d’Anjou, Domaine des Nouvelles, France                           £4.95         £13.50          £18.50
Fruity, soft and medium rose, smooth and supple [10.5% abv]




Syrah, Domaine des Coussergues, France                                  £4.95         £13.50          £18.50

A full, warming and fruity French red [13.5% abv]

Merlot, Casa Amada, Chile                                                          £4.95         £13.50          £18.50
Juicy, ripe red, blackberry notes with an intense finish [13.5% abv]


CHAMPAGNE, QUARTER BOTTLE                                               1/4 bottle


Cuvee Royale Brut, Joseph Perrier                                             £14.95
Delightfully fresh and fruity, smooth and charming.


A pair of flavoursome dessert wines. The red Muscadel is a mohogany coloured red wine; it is sweet and opulent on the palate. The Semillon has some Botrytis, a rot which causes the grapes to whither thus concentrating the sweetness and depth.


DESSERT WINES                                                                        100ml       1/2 Bottle    Bottle


Red Muscadel, Nuy, South Africa                                               £4.50                            £25.00
Lightly fortified sweet red wine, rich and fulsome [16.5% abv]

Botrytis Semillon Vat 5, de Bortoli, Australia                             £5.50        £15.95
Deep golden, sweet and raisiny dessert wine [12% abv]


PORT                                                                                          50ml


Late Bottled Vintage, Taylor                                                        £4.95
Ramos Pinto, 10yr old Tawny,                                                       £5.95