A Brief History

When Pat and Diana bought the hotel for £235,000 in 1984, they were thoroughly thrown in at the deep end. This quote was one of Pat's favourites and he displayed it in the hotel:

On reading the guest book, one of their favourite customer comments is "We arrived as two old broilers ... but we left as two spring chickens." The original plan was always to make guests feel welcome.

Diana played an important role in the kitchen right from the beginning. For the first few months of the summer of 1984 she was the only Chef, and remembers her panic on the first morning when there were no instructions how to light the oven to cook breakfast! Many years later she is still renowned for her superb baking skills and her famous brown sugar meringues.

Paying 'only' £235,000 in 1984, Lindeth Fell has since made the most of the stunning natural surroundings and the wonderful Edwardian styling from when the property was completed in 1909. Both Pat and Diana had careers in the air before becoming hoteliers, with Pat's well documented adventurous and dangerous missions for the Royal Air Force, and Diana's more glamorous, though no less adventurous role as a BOAC Stewardess on trans-Atlantic flights aboard the Stratocruiser, frequented by the very rich and very famous.

Starting work at 7am and finishing at midnight made it very hard work in the beginning. Pat in particular was very, very single-minded, either it was done properly or not at all. Diana continues with that attitude today, where guests are welcomed individually, by name and with genuine warmth.

It is clear that the enthusiasm is still there for Lindeth Fell, even after 30 years and as Diana points out, "What else would I do if I didn't have the hotel to run?".