Environmental Policy

To all our guests. Our environment and how we maintain it.


Lindeth Fell is lucky enough to be situated in a wildlife rich environment, the Lake District, and we ensure our seven acre gardens are a natural part of that. We leave large swathes unmown apart from the paths, throughout the summer. We avoid using chemicals in the garden and garden waste is composted. We have water butts collecting rain water in the garden for watering plants. Numerous log piles around the tarn area provide homes for toads, frogs and we hope to attract hedgehogs. In Spring every year two ducks return to raise their young. Wild otters and herons have sadly taken the last of the fish, but frogspawn abounds! Wild deer wander the grounds most early mornings, and owls are heard at dusk. Butterflies, insects, slow worms and bees proliferate. We are always interested to hear of any wildlife you may see in the grounds, or out and about in the surrounding areas, and we love to see your photos.